Make a Homelessness Reduction Act Referral Online

Public authorities should use this form to refer service users they believe to be homeless or threatened with homelessness to us.


Under the Homelessness Reduction Act 2017, public authorities will have a statutory duty to refer service users they believe to be homeless or threatened with homelessness to us (for example, it is likely they will become homeless within 56 days).

It is important that agencies make these referrals to us so that we can prevent and relieve homelessness effectively.

The statutory duty is coming into effect in October 2018, however agencies are able to make a referral now if they wish to.

Before You Start

A referral does not replace a homelessness application. The referred person(s) will still need to complete a homelessness application form if they wish to seek our help. However, following a referral, we will contact the person(s) to begin enquiries.

Before making a referral, a public authority must:

  • Have consent to the referral from the person(s) being referred.
  • Allow the individual to identify the housing authority in England which they would like to be referred.
  • Have consent that the service user's contact details can be given so the housing authority can contact them regarding the referral.

  • You will need

  • Details for the service user, including their preferred method of contact.
  • To confirm that you have consent to the referral from the person(s) being referred.

  • Fair Processing

    Cannock Chase Council will hold and use any information that you enter on to this system in accordance with Data Protection and GDPR regulations.

    Your information will be used for the purposes for which you are entering it.

    We may also share this information with other departments within the Council and partners of the Council where necessary and allowed by law.

    Your personal information will not be passed on for commercial use.

    For further information on how data protection and how we process your data please visit:-

    Privacy Policy

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    Client Support Needs

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    I/we confirm that we are referring the person/household to Cannock Chase District Council as we believe they are at risk of homelessness and confirm they are given thier consent to this referral.

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